Alleged pyramid scheme Midas Trend sponsors French soccer match

Even though its activities have been investigated by the Brazilian regulators, Midas Trend, which offers investment packages through Bitcoin and cryptocurrency operations, sponsored a French Premier League game at the end of October.

The alleged Bitcoin pyramid scheme sponsored the match between Lille Olympique Sporting Club Métropole and Football Club des Girondins de Bordeaux. In addition to billboard advertisements at the stadium, Midas Trend also had its logo worn on the shirts of the Lille soccer players. Midas Trend president Deivanir Santos said:

“This is our first kick-off, our idea is to break even borders and overcome all challenges. I am very happy with that.”

Meanwhile, Midas Trend customers have been complaining about the company on social networks, stating that the investment platform is inaccessible and that it is not possible to talk to the company.

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