Atlas Quantum upsets customers, as it buys BTC for $5,500 and resells for $11,710

The alleged pyramid scheme, Atlas Quantum, a Brazilian platform that claims to conduct Bitcoin (BTC) arbitration, has angered its customers yet again. This time clients are upset over the price difference in the ‘withdrawal in reals’ operation, suggested by the company’s CEO, Rodrigo Marques, to solve the company’s problem of withdrawals.

The operation gained some popularity as several users sought to sell their BTC in order to save at least a part of their investment. However, the price difference has not pleased investors given that Marques had ensured that Atlas would not “gain anything from the system.”

Apparently, the company sold Bitcoin from disgruntled users at a massively discounted price of $5,500 but resold the same coins for $11,710, more than 50% of the value offered to the company’s blocked customers. A client from Atlas Quantum came forward, saying “it is a pure scam.”

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